I need a second shooter within miles of for

Michelle Popp

San Diego
2 Years Exp
I am a lifestyle & wedding photographer in North County, San Diego.\r\n\r\nI feel incredibly blessed to ha... Read more...
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Hillary Gaskins

3 Years Exp
I love learning! There is nothing quite like learning something new when it comes your passion. Wedding photog... Read more...
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Ashley Macadam

4 Years Exp
I currently work full time in Manhattan as a production manager and photographer and freelance for myself or o... Read more...
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Justin Edmonds

8 Years Exp
Capturing moments is what I love the most about photographing weddings because as a full-time freelance photoj... Read more...
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Guy Vindigni

New York
5 Years Exp
Second shooting is fun for me because it gives me a chance to work with other photographers. I believe that to... Read more...
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Kaci VanderHoek

East Mesa
1 Years Exp
I am here to serve and learn! I would be happy to shoot whatever you tell me to or just be a fly on the wall g... Read more...
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