I need a second shooter within miles of for

Kyle Mostellar

2 Years Exp
It is my joy and goal to encapsulate all that is precious with my pictures. There isn't anything more beautifu... Read more...
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3 Years Exp
I love second shooting because it gives me a chance to continuously improve. It also helps provide the primary... Read more...
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Robert Robledo

Baton Rouge
‹ 1 Year Exp
I am interested in second shooting because its a great way to learn , most often you can achieve more whenever... Read more...
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Chris Pendexter

South Bend
10+ Years Exp
I love second shooting, because it allows me to be a bit more creative and enjoy the flow of the wedding witho... Read more...
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Angel Esparar

6 Years Exp
Unlike shooting as the primary, as the second shooter I get to take all the creative angles! I am comfortable ... Read more...
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Courtney Peters...

1 Years Exp
I have been doing photography for 2 years now. I have second shot a couple weddings and would love to do more.... Read more...
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