I need a second shooter within miles of for

Gabriel Mora

7 Years Exp
Because time restrictions of my "regular" job, working under some else name (a is the best way tas 2nd or main... Read more...
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Kellie Mueller

2 Years Exp
Second shooting is awesome for many reasons. I love getting to make wonderful relationships with photographers... Read more...
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Tom Speropulos

10+ Years Exp
I have shot more than 40 weddings on my own and know what a stress reliever it is to have someone as a back-up... Read more...
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April Ranew

3 Years Exp
I own and operate a successful wedding photography business based in Augusta, Ga. I adore my clients, and love... Read more...
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Jenna Danelle

5 Years Exp
I am a professional photographer that works with the US Military Community. We are moving to the KMC area this... Read more...
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Ashley Macadam

4 Years Exp
I currently work full time in Manhattan as a production manager and photographer and freelance for myself or o... Read more...
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