I need a second shooter within miles of for

Jon Howard

2 Years Exp
I love weddings. The rushing around, getting those impossible shots in impossible locations. I want to 2nd sho... Read more...
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Lindsay Decker

6 Years Exp
I really, truly love second shooting! I thrive on being able to back you up. Go ahead and spend all your prep ... Read more...
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Mark Rocha

5 Years Exp
I love photographing weddings!!! I bring a creative, fun, and new perspective to the work I produce. I know ho... Read more...
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Featured Photographer

Jas Fitzwilliam

San Diego
7 Years Exp
Let's work together! Weddings are my jam and working with other awesome creatives is a joy! While my role as a... Read more...
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Roy ciofalo

New York
3 Years Exp
Hello, my name is Roy! I'm a husband, father, New York City firefighter, and of course Photographer. I've been... Read more...
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Alex Mayer

5 Years Exp
I have 5 years of portrait photography experience and would like to learn the wedding photography business fro... Read more...
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